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Voting Guide: Voting Rights and Education

The Politics of Voter Suppression by  Tova Andrea Wang
Language assistance under the voting rights act : are voters lost in translation? by Shauna Reilly
James Madison and the struggle for the Bill of Rights by Richard E Labunski
Elizabeth Cady Stanton : the right is ours by Harriet Sigerman
The Trump phenomenon : how the politics of populism won in 2016 by Peter Kivisto
Voting the gender gap by Lois Duke Whitaker
The voting wars : from Florida 2000 to the next election meltdown by Richard L Hasen
This bright light of ours : stories from the Voting Rights fight by Maria Gitin
The most fundamental right : contrasting perspectives on the Voting Rights Act by Daniel McCool
Suffrage reconstructed : gender, race, and voting rights in the Civil War era by Laura E Free
The VP advantage : how running mates influence home state voting in presidential elections by Christopher Devine
The dream is lost : voting rights and the politics of race in Richmond, Virginia by Julian Maxwell Hayter
Ballot blocked : the political erosion of the Voting Rights Act by Jesse H Rhodes
The virgin vote : how young Americans made democracy social, politics personal, and voting popular in the nineteenth century by Jon Grinspan

The Constitution of the State of New Mexico