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Student Learning Assessment

College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) Assessment

Institutional Assessment

The Committee for Learning Assessment of Students (CLAS) leads curricular institutional assessment initiatives with representation from all academic departments.

Outcomes, Rubrics, Timeline, & Plan

The NNMC College-wide Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) are faculty-identified outcomes assessed across all academic programs with the linked rubrics: 

  1. Communication
  2. Critical Thought
  3. Information Competency & Research
  4. Cultural Sustainability

To date, both College-wide Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs) have be assessed on a yearly rotation. When applicable, General Education outcome assessment is included.

Outcome S17 F17 S18 F18 S19 F19 S20 F20
Communication P 100-200   P 300-400   100-400   100-400  
Critical Thought P 100-200   P 300-400   100-400   100-400  
Info Comp & Research   P 100-200   P 300-400   100-400   100-400
Cultural Sustainability   P 100-200   P 300-400   100-400   100-400

* P= Pilot; Numbers indicate the level of classes assessed